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    Explore our FAQs section to find comprehensive answers to the most common questions. We’ve gathered a wealth of information to address your inquiries, making it easy for you to navigate our products and services. If you don’t find what you’re looking for, feel free to reach out to our dedicated support team, who are always ready to assist you further.

    The conventional Video Conferencing solutions used to work majorly with the motive to share information to remote locations and distant people, but it was not a very much advanced one. But with the advancement in technology, multiple ways of Video Conferencing have emerged in the market having advanced features.

    What you need to do is just create a room and invite your guests with whom you want to interact. The moment your guest will visit the shared link, their mic and camera will start online streaming automatically. Along with Video Conferencing, this solution provides screen sharing, documents sharing, audio-video recording, and some other handy features.

    When it comes to selecting tools for web conferencing, reliability, connectivity, and ease of use are the primary concerns. All these concerns are addressed with PeopleLink’s Solutions for web conferencing. Their web conferencing solutions work perfectly well at low bandwidths and the backup server makes the software extremely reliable and working 100% of the time. I recommend PeopleLink when going in for a web conferencing solution.

    WebRTC stands for web real time communication. This technology is now being used for real time communication in businesses, education, and healthcare sectors. Software based on WebRTC does not require any downloads and can be operated right from the browser. There are solutions in the video conferencing market based on WebRTC like ProctorExam, Snapchat, Facebook messenger. Of all these products, PeopleLink’s InstaVC stands out as a WebRTC conferencing solution. It can connect up to 100 participants in a meeting with 4k resolution videos at optimized bandwidths. It also has additional features of screen sharing, digital whiteboard, and annotations which makes your presentations more interactive and effective. Since it works even at low bandwidths, you can even connect to areas where there are bandwidth issues.

    Specialized Video Conference setups are required for conducting professional Video Conferencing meetings in large Auditoriums, Along with Speaker Track cameras and Speaker audio systems the most other important thing to consider for this setup is micrphones and their working. Despite using a common “room” mic, wireless lapel mics, Hand held mics or Podium mic with feed to the video system is crucial. Manual or Automatic mute control to the users is an important factor to consider for Video Conferencing solutions. The dedicated sound person is usually the best one for large audience situations.

    And all of these requirements of mine related to big auditoriums are matched by PeopleLink InstaCast solution along with supported AV Hardware devices, which ensures the real-time and impactful engagement of the audience. This Video Conferencing Solutions deliver live H.264 video everywhere, uses any H.264 Encoder, Live Streaming with Birate Content, Stream VOD Adaptive Bitrate, Secure Content, On-Demand H.264 Delivery everywhere, Premium Viewing Experience, and it reaches to the unlimited number of audience groups.